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~ Bill Dillon, Bible teacher, New Tribes Mission
Then Judas went out and hanged himself. Go thou and do likewise. And what thou doest, do quickly.

I subscribe to the Olivet method of Scripture interpretation: read olivet, believe olivet. Failure to consider context is a leading cause of scripture misinterpretation. It's a fatal error, yet easily avoided. Reading the whole passage in which a "verse" of Scripture is found takes no special training, and very little time or effort. Most false doctrine relies on a smattering of phrases and fragments culled from various passages (sometimes only one!).

We wouldn't think of treating any other book as a collection of unrelated aphorisms. The Bible, above all books, commands our respect. Don't even start to think about what a "verse" means until you've read the whole passage it's part of. Or I'm comin' over there with a rope. :-)

Remember the ancient "Rule of Faith," or "Analogy of Faith" as it's also called: the best interpreter of Scripture is Scripture. The full context for any "verse" is the entire Bible.

The reason the word verse is in quotes is that most of Scripture was not written in chapter-and-verse form. It's easy to forget that the chapter and verse divisions in today's translations are not part of the text. They were added centuries later, and are mostly arbitrary, except in certain poetic books such as the Psalms. When we see the text in small divisions, we tend to lazily think that each bit is a natural unit. This undermines our efforts to see each statement in its proper context.



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Below: Sunday School teacher's notes. Anything in them that is not explicitly credited to someone else may be treated as if it were public domain. For three years, I shared teaching responsibilities with Allen Barnes, Mark Brown, and Brent MacDondald at Two Rivers Baptist Church (Southern Baptist), Nashville, TN. I have since begun attending Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Murfreesboro.

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