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Marrieds with a Ministry Sunday School Class
Two Rivers Baptist Church
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For Sunday, 06 April 2002

Handout: Circumcision


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Hebrew word for circumcision is műl; it means to cut short, to cut down, or to cut off. It is used not only of people in circumcision, but also of cutting grass (short), or cutting trees (down).

  1. Circumcision of the Flesh
    1. The Laws
      1. Gen 17:10-27 - Covenant of circumcision established.
        The Hebrew word for circumcision means cut short.
        God established the covenant of circumcision with Abraham.
        A covenant is a promise in the form of a legal agreement.
      2. Ex 12:43-48 - Circumcision required of aliens to partake of Passover celebration.
      3. Leviticus 12:3 - Legal institution.
    2. The seriousness
      1. Ex 4:22-26 - Zipporah circumcises Moses' son to preventYHWH killing him.
      2. Josh 5:1-9 - Joshua circumcises the men who had not been during the 40 year wilderness wanderings.
    3. Potential for Abuse: Gen 34:1-25 - The sign alone is not enough. The men of Shechem took circumcision in hopes of material reward.
    4. Uncircumcision...
      1. and enmity. Word uncircumcised used of Israel's enemies, mostly of the Philistines. Judges 14:3; 15:18; I Sam 14:6; 17:6, 36; 31:4, I Chron 10:4; Is 52:1
      2. and violent death. The uncircumcised, those who are not part of God's covenant family, are destined to be cut down. Ezekiel:
        1. 28:10 - of the prince of Tyre, oracle of woe: "You will die the death of the uncirc." (killed by the swords of strangers)
        2. 31:18 - of Pharaoh, oracle of woe: "You will lie in the midst of the uncircumcised, with those slain by the sword"
        3. 32:19-32 (10 refs) - of the multitude of Egypt, oracle of woe: "uncircumcised, slain with the sword" as a litany
  2. Circumcision of the Heart
    1. Lev 26:40-42 - A circumcised heart is humble.
    2. Deut 10:12-16 - A circumcised heart is submissive.
    3. Jer 4:3-4 - A circumcised heart is repentant.
    4. Jer 6:10 - A circumcised heart loves God's Word.
    5. Jer 9:25-26 - Man's circumcision of his own heart is temporary.
    6. Deut 30:1-8 - God promised to circumcise the hearts of His people permanently.

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