Romans 1:8-15
Nine Marks of True Spiritual Service1

Marrieds with a Ministry Sunday School Class
Two Rivers Baptist Church
Nashville, TN, USA

For Sunday, 20 January 2002

Handout: Nine Marks of True Spiritual Service


Red: question for class

Bright blue: word from text of Scripture (to be defined)


First, the good news...

Verse Characteristic
8 Thankful - Paul had never been to the church at Rome. Why was he so thankful to God for their testimony? Why was he so concerned that he prayed for them every day? "Your faith is spoken--kataggelletai, is celebrated."2
9-10a Concerned - "Whom I worship with the profoundest religious reverence ... Probably St. Paul opposes, in this place, the spiritual worship of the Gospel to the external, or what some call the carnal, worship of the Jews. Mine is not a religion of ceremonies, but one in which the life and power of the eternal Spirit are acknowledged and experienced."3
10b Willing & submissive - vv. 10, 13 Why did God lay Rome so heavily on Paul's heart if his visit the to the church there was to be so long delayed? What was Paul's top priority? James 4:13-15
11 Loving - How is this an expression of love?
12 Humble - "There is no one so void of gifts in the Church ... who is unable to contribute something to our benefit. Ill will and pride, however, prevent our deriving such fruit from one another." - Calvin4
13 Fruitful - What does it mean to obtain fruit, reap a harvest? What would Paul harvest? - "ekwluyhn, I was forbidden."5
14 Obedient, dutiful - What are parallels in our time and society to Greeks and barbarians? Matt. 28:18-20
15 Eager, ready - As Paul stated in the introduction, this letter was written to believers - saints, the called, those who belong to Jesus Christ already. Why did he want to preach the gospel to them?

This outline was modeled after notes on this passage in The MacArthur Study Bible. Books by John MacArthur:

David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL