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The following information, with a bit of editorializing, comes from a photocopy of the Deaths and Memoranda pages of a Bible owned by the late Beatrice May (FINNAMORE) NOORLUN, born 05 Feb. 1901 in Woodstock, New Brunswick, eldest child of John Henry and Fannie (McCRAE) FINNAMORE, married Conrad NOORLUN. That document is currently in possession of Bea's brother John William FINNAMORE, Sr., my paternal grandfather. It is in several different persons' writing, and some of it is difficult to make out, or to interpret. She had evidently owned that Bible since her childhood.

Deaths page, smallJohn Henry FINNAMORE was born 26 April 1874, in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada2. He died at the age of almost 73 in January of 1947 in Minneapolis, MN and is buried there. He was married to Fannie Elizabeth McCREA3 (reportedly of Scottish descent). She is recorded as having died on 10 Dec. 1919 "aged 44.Y.21 days" or something like that, in Minneapolis. Comparing this with the way other ages are recorded in the doc, I take that to mean that she was born in November, around the 19th, of 1875. [From an email to me from Jack FINNAMORE, dated 18 July, 1999: "John Henry and Fannie Elizabeth (McCrea) Finnamore are definitely buried in Crystal Cemetery on 38th & Penn in North Minneapolis. I have been to his grave..."]

Memoranda page, smallIsaac FINNAMORE, the father of John Henry, died 04 Feb. 1901 in Woodstock, New Brunswick. Sadly, no further info is given on him in Bea's documents. [It is believed from a document copied by hand from another part of Bea's Bible that Isaac was married to Sarah WHITE (reportedly of Irish descent). All other references to Isaac's wife name her Susan WHITE2,5.] [From the same email referenced above: "Grandpa does not know anything about his grandfather, Isaac. John Henry left Canada for Minnesota and never went back to Canada. Isaac apparently did not come here. Grandpa never met Isaac, and his dad, who was a very non-communicative person, never talked about him to Grandpa's recollection."]

Also listed on the Deaths page:

Charles William FINNAMORE, presumably John Henry's brother, son of Isaac. "Died 12.30 Nov. 25 / 1939 Age 83. 2m & 25 day". I interpret that as "died at 12:30 PM on 25 Nov. 1939." I infer that he was born 01 Sept. 1856, that he was born in New Brunswick.

Emma Jane FINNAMORE "Died 2 February 1889 Aged 17Y 7M 20Dy at Woodstock, NB". I infer than she was born on 13 June 1871, probably in Woodstock. Daughter of Isaac and Susan, sister of John Henry.

Martha Elizabeth FINNAMORE "Aged 26.Y 9 Months, Died 22 January 1886 at Pokiok, NB". I infer that she was born in the Spring of 1859, possibly April 22nd. Martha was John Henry's sister, daughter of Isaac and Susan.

Most mysterious is the faint marking, "Died 1873." No name given, and no one who is named on the page can correspond to it. Could it be the death date of Isaac's father Charles?

David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL, USA
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