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For the FINNAMOREs descended from Isaac and Susan of New Brunswick circa 1830-1901

Information from volunteer researcher W. F. Waugh

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The following is the full text of an email from Wiley F. Waugh, a volunteer genealogy researcher in Carleton County, NB, who has compiled data on many families in the area. I contacted him through his entries on the Carleton County, New Brunswick Lookups page of

Comparison of this material with that found on page 8 of the data compiled by Stanley Corey shows virtually complete corespondence except for the notes at the bottom. It's beyond all practical doubt that Mr. Waugh's source is a copy, either of Corey's document, or more likely of Leatha Suson's documents which Corey later compiled.

Subject: Re: FINNAMORE, Isaac, Woodstock, NBW d. 1901
       Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 23:09:50 -0300
      From: "WILEY F. WAUGH"
        To: "David J. Finnamore"
 References: 1

Hi David,
Great to hear from you.
I am not in the best of health as I am currently recuperating from cancer
surgery and other health problems, so am not doing a lot of research at this
time.  However, I did look in my files as I knew I had some info on
Finnamore/Finnemore and found the following:

Isaac Finnemore, b. 1831 Fredericton, NB, s/o Charles & Elizabeth Finnemore;
m- Susan White, b. USA.  Charles Sr. Finnemore was a carpenter in
Fredericton, NB.
Charles William Finnemore, b. 1856, Calais, ME; m- Fredericton, NB, Melissa
Lawson; Resided Hawkshaw, NB
    Berton Finnemore, contributed some info.
    Charles Augustus Finnemore,
    Edith Finnemore, of Woodstock, NB, provided info in 1950
Martha Finnamore, b. 1859; never married
Roderick Ross Finnemore, b. 1867; m- Isabel White
James Finnemore, b. 1869; died young
John Henry Finnemore, b. 1874, Fredericton, NB; m- 29 Sept 1898, Fannie
McCrae, born Woodstock, NB;         daughter of John & Susan McCrae.  John
resided in Waterville, Carleton Co., NB at time of marriage.
Emma Finnemore, never married.

Charles & Elizabeth Finnemore had the following known family:
Richard Finnemore,
Isaac Finnemore, b. 1831; m- Susan White
William Finnemore, b. 28 Mar 1934; m- 10 Jul 1860, Margaret Abigail Carr
George Finnemore, b. 6 Oct 1836
Elizabeth Finnemore, b. 17 Sept 1837; m- 15 Nov 1853, Roderick Ross,
shoemaker; Residing St. Mary's,             York Co., NB in 1861.
    Family: (1861 census)
    Charles Roderick Ross, b. 1855, 5/61
    William Perkins Ross, b. 1857, 3/61
    Alexander Wesley Ross, b. 1858, 2/61
Mary Ann Finnemore, b. 28 Aug 1844; m- 2 Jan 1870, John Cameron; Resided St.
Mary's when married.
Alexander Finnemore, b. 1 Jul 1849

Birth dates for George, Elizabeth, Mary Ann & Alexander from Wilmot United
Church Records, Fredericton, NB.

A Charles Finnemore of Woodstock married Margaret Davidson of Douglas, York
Co., NB on 17 May 1826.  Could this be Charles Sr., ???? Was her name
Margaret Elizabeth ???

I have a note in my file stating:
Charles Finnemore of Fredericton, NB was the son of Charles Finnemore, who
was the son of Richard Finnemore, who in turn was the son of David
Finnemore, who possibly came from Ireland to New Jersey.
The Finnemore family came to NB probably as Loyalists.

I will continue to go through my files, as I am able to, and as time
permits.  It seems that the emails are piling up since I took sick, but I am
trying to keep up with them.  Somedays I receive as many as 30 e-mails or
more, so you can understand if I am slow in answering some requests.

I will also check birth, marriage records, etc., and forward any info I can.

I look forward to sharing info with you, as there are a lot of
Finnemore/Finnamore descendants in this area.

I trust this bit of info will be of some benefit.


David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL, USA
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