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Irish FINNAMORE History from David FINNAMORE of Toronto

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The following is excerpted from an email, dated 16 July, 1999, to me from David FINNAMORE, currently of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, b. 1930 in Offaly County (formerly King's County), Ireland.

"A book was published in 1886 dealing with the family name. The book has a rather lengthy title: Memorials of the Family of Fynmore, with notes on the origin of Fynmore, Finnimore, Phillimore, Fillmore, Filmer, etc. and particulars of some of those surnames from the year 1208 to the present time.

"The author was William W.P. Phillimore (1853-1913) and he was a renowned genealogist. The book deals with Finnamore families, but mainly in the south of England. There is just one paragraph in the book (on page 68) that refers to Ireland and that is when the author is discussing the various spellings of the name. The paragraph is as follows:-

ireland counties

The red star is Kilbride.

"In Ireland, there are two families respectively, named Finnemore, and Finnamore, who retain tradition of an English descent, from two brothers, who went to Ireland with Cromwell. One brother, it is said, settled in King's County, and his descendants followed the latter spelling: the ancester of the other branch settled, temp. Charles II, at Balyward, Manor Kilbride, Wicklow, and is now represented by John Finnemor, Esq., J.P.

"(The book is available on microfilm through the Family History Centre of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormon Church), microfilm No. 1486610, Item 19. Your local Family History Centre will help you get a copy).

"I was born in the county in which the brother who spelled his name with an "a" in the middle settled. King's County is now called County Offaly. I have been able to trace my ancestry in County Offaly back to a David Finnamore who lived from 1772 to 1847. He was my great grandfather. My grandfather, Thomas F, was born in Offaly in 1820; my father David F was born in 1868 and I was born in Offaly in 1930.

"Cromwell's army invaded Ireland in August, 1659, so there is a gap of 113 years between 1659 and 1772 - two or three generations."

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David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL, USA
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