Romans 1:4: The Gospel's Content:

The Dual Nature of Christ;
The Deity or Power of Christ Seen in His Resurrection

Handout for lesson


Christ's slave, apostle, set apart to the
     God's _____________________
     God's _____________________
     God's ________________ throughout the ________ __________________
          about ____________
          His ____________, ______________ nature
          His ______________, ____________________ nature

Was Jesus

  1. Part human and part God?
  2. A man who became God?
  3. God in human form?
  4. Both fully human and fully God?

Why is this important?


How does Jesus' resurrection attest to His deity and all-powerfulness?


How does Jesus use the power He was given through His resurrection?


Review Key

09 December 2001
David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL