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These are all the wads I have released to the public so far. More coming, as I get time and inspiration. The earliest one, Back To Front, was originally built in 1997, and was polished up and released in 2002. The newest one, Tooth and Claw, was built in November 2011.

  • NUCLEAR WASTE (455k at Screenshots · Details - for DooM II, Single-player only. Three levels that navigate through a nuclear generation and waste processing plant. If the monsters don't eat you, the nukage might. At doomworld, one reviewer called it "Superb."
  • COME SAIL AWAY (242k) Screenshots · Details - For DooM II, Single-player design. Watch a UFO descend from the sky. Get abducted. Wrest control of the spaceship. All in a day's work for a UAC marine who thought he'd retired to a cushy office job. Initial plans for this level were drawn up in 1997, and I finally finished it in 2011! It's tricky to pull all that off with the DooM engine. Rewarding, though.
  • TOOTH AND CLAW (53k) Screenshots · Details - My newest one. For DooM II, Single-player design. Like Monkey Pile, it features lots of punching and chainsaw work. But no mazes, and no puzzles unless you count the one kind-of-obvious Secret. Game play is fast and furious from the time you move in til you slay the final unfriendly. This one came to me in a flash of inspiration, all at once. Never had that happen before. I find it immensely satisfying to play.
  • MONKEY PILE (154k) Screenshots · Details - For DooM II, Single-player design. A giant underground furnace-maze with a couple of well-stocked demon barns functioning as the lobby and exit room. Lots of punching and chainsaw work.
  • DANCES WITH HELLSPAWN (3 MB) Screenshots · Details For DooM II, Single- and Multi-player. A set of 13 interconnected marble halls with a surrounding corridor. Sort of a Dungeons & Dragons feel. Very high difficulty. Greatly reworked with original mp3 music "Outpost 42" added February 2012.
  • BACK TO FRONT (152k) Screenshots · Details - For DooM I, Single-player only. Starts in a cave leading to a large, complex military base, mostly outdoors. Strange sites.
  • ABBEY DORMITORY (3 MB) Screenshots · Details - For DooM II, Single, Deathmatch, and Coop. Set among the ruins of a haunted abbey. With and without mp3 music.
  • CHECKERS (35k) Screenshots · Details - For DooM II, Single-player only. Fantasy setting, the building itself is a monster. Let him swallow you whole, follow his intestines to a giant, moving checkerboard in his stomach. (Look both ways before you cross the diaphragm.)
  • CHESS (130k) Screenshots · Details - For PR BOOM or similar engine hack, Single-player only. A haunted castle out of a DooM dream, complete with two human-sized boards set with monster pieces. Your move.
  • MACHINE (22k) Screenshots · Details - For DooM II, primarily Deathmatch with single-player capability. A maze of moving floors in a honeycomb layout. Never plays the same way twice. Shoot first, ask questions later.

David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL, USA


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