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Original music for DooM wads! This is what happens when a guitar player/recording engineer gets obsessed with a video game. Up to three formats are represented, depending on the piece:

  • .MUS - what the original Doom engine uses. No longer needed but kept for legacy/nostalgia purposes.
  • .MID - standard MIDI, compatible with the General MIDI spec, and playable by many ports. WadMangle makes it easy to insert them into any wad.
  • .MP3 - best quality, most reliable reproduction, playable by most current ports; also for just listening. Again, Wadmangle is your friend, here. Insert it as a binary lump, then rename the lump to match the music you wish for it to replace (E1M1, D_RUNNIN, etc.)

In Doom wads, the music is named EnMn, where each n is replaced by the desired Episode and Mission number. In Doom2 wads, names vary by level. The list of names for each level may be found in the Doom wiki.

Most of the mp3s below have real guitars, as well as real drums or better drum samples. The loop versions are designed to be used in a level, and might end abruptly if not set to loop back to the top. For some tracks, I provide a second mp3 version with an intro and/or fade out, or expanded arrangement, for just listening.

TECHNICAL NOTE: A limitation of the mp3 format is that it must have some silence at the head and tail and so cannot loop as seamlessly as mus/mid files can; encoders always pad mp3s with extra silence. I've found that in game playback, a total of 2471 black samples are added to the length of the source file. So to avoid the sense of the groove falling out of time, I found a place to drop 2471 samples from each loop version prior to encoding. There's still a short gap in the audio at the loop point, but at least the beat doesn't go left-footed. By choosing the loop point carefully, the gap can be rendered almost unnoticeable in many cases.

The older MIDIs/MUSs were optimized chiefly for the original game engine's MUS player (driving that wretched, old 8-voice, 2-op FM synth -- ah, the memories! 8-) while retaining some semblance of General MIDI compatibility. Some items in the .mus/zip column have no mus file in the zip, but do have a txt file with details, copyright, file-specific permissions, etc.

Free Music Downloads
Title Time Genre Description 0 .mus/zip File
0 .mid File
0 .MP3 File
War of the Worlds 1:15 Rock Bobby Prince-style uptempo rock. Loop version only. 0 7 KB 0 war_of_the
14 KB 0 war-worlds.mp3 1.71 MB
Shoot First 2:21 Rock Horror-flavored modern rock. Updated mix Feb 2012. Loop version. 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 shootfirst
3.25 MB
Shoot First 2:29 Rock Fade out ending. 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 shootfirst.mp3 3.64 MB
Eat More Rocket 1:28 Rock Bobby Prince-style uptempo rock. Loop version. 0 n/a   0 eatmorkt.mid 36 KB 0 eatmorerocket
2.00 MB
Eat More Rocket 1:33 Rock Fade out ending. 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 eatmorerocket.mp3 2.11 MB
Nuclear 3:24 Rock Horror flavored modern rock. Loop version 0 mus-
42 KB 0 nucler19.mid 37 KB 0 nuclear
3.9 MB
Nuclear 4:01 Rock Extended with intro and repeat-to-fade. 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 nuclear.mp3 4.6 MB
Lost 2:24 Spook Rock Adventure music for huntin' them dang haints. Loop version. 0 9 KB 0 lost.mid 8 KB 0    
Lost 2:40 Spook Rock Expanded arrangement but also loops well. 0 n/a n/a 0 n/a n/a 0 lost-loop.mp3 3 MB
Outpost 42 2:18 Symphonic space grunge loop version 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 outpost42-loop.mp3 2.6 MB
Outpost 42 5:35 Symphonic space grunge Extended arrangement. Originally written with Quake in mind. 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 outpost42.mp3 6.4 MB
Acid Rock 1:31 Upbeat Horror Rock ...with a slight wry grin. Loop version. Updated mix Feb 2012. Written for a level centering on a nukage (or acid) processing plant. It is not, of course, in the style of true "acid rock" - it's made for shooting monsters, not dope. 0 mus-
12 KB 0 acidrk12.mid 11 KB 0 acidrock
1.7 MB
Acid Rock 1:40 Upbeat Horror Rock ...with a slight wry grin. Fade out ending. 0     0     0 acidrock.mp3 1.9 MB
Transport 1:29 Spook Rock Horror-flavored pop rock. Loop version. 0 n/a   0 transprt.mid 19 KB 0 transport
2.73 MB
Transport 1:47 Spook Rock Fade out ending. 0 n/a   0 n/a   0 transport.mp3 3.3 MB
CrawlSpace 3:17 Experimental Slow, creepy, suspenseful. Uses a special tuning. 0 mus-
13 KB 0 crawlspc.mid 12 KB 0 crawlspace.mp3 3.8 MB
323 0:41 Experimental Rock Kind of a James Bond feel. Designed for a score screen or splash screen, or some such. Uses a special tuning. 0 n/a   0 323.mid 10 KB 0 323.mp3 646 KB
Hex II 2:11 Jazz-Rock Fusion A spritely tune to keep you on your toes. 0 15 KB 0 hexii.mid 17 KB 0 n/a  

If you use my music in your level, send me a download link, or email the wad to me as an attachment.

If you're interested in the exotic tunings I used for some pieces, check out my Tuning Pages.


David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL, USA

Latest update 10 Feb 2011

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