• Gold lines identify the angles of the Phi generators.
  • Green lines connect convergent pairs. E.g., the green line between 1/4 and 3/13 shows that those fractions form a pair between which a Phi generator may be found to begin.
  • Black fractions are equal tempered generators. E.g. 3/13 is a generator the size of 3 steps of 13 tone per octave equal temperament (13 t-ET).
  • Gold fractions are convergent pairs that form the Phi generators. E.g., 1/4 3/13 identifies the generator than lies Phi the way between 1 step of 4 t-ET, and 3 steps of 13 t-ET.
  • Purple numbers around the edges show my order of the horagrams based on closeness to the root of the tree.

Golden Horagram Introduction & Explanation

Based on Golden Horagrams of the Scale Tree by Ervin Wilson.
Graphic design © 2001 David J. Finnamore.
Orlando, FL, USA