The Blessing of Affliction
Romans 5:4-5


While our justification itself is a one-time, forensic act of God, its fruit grows thereafter in every part of our daily lives, including our response to hard times.

We rejoice, exult, glory in our hope of future glorification, but we also rejoice, exult, glory in our ____________________.

Rejoicing in our sufferings:
"'In our sufferings' means '__  ______  __________  ____  ______  ______________  __' the tribulations we experience in carrying on in the work of the Lord." (Wm. Hendriksen)

"We glory in hope. And we glory in tribulations because they initiate a sanctifying process that ends in hope." (John Murray)

Patience, perseverance:



Experience, proven character:






"The hope of the redeemed is moored to the throne of grace, to that which is 'within the veil,' where Jesus is seated at God's right hand, and lives forevermore to intercede for His people." (Wm. Hendriksen)

How do we know that our hope of glory is certain, that it will it not disappoint us? The love of God is ______  ____________ in our hearts by ______  ________  ____________.


04 August 2002
David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL