The Law of Faith
Romans 3:21-5:1

Sunday, 07 July 2002


Background summary:

The holy Creator holds each person responsible for his own actions. All human beings, by nature, act sinfully and cannot do truly righteous deeds. Escape from God's wrath for our sin is only possible through atonement by the sacrifice of a blameless substitute.

Saving faith is _______________  __________  ____  _________  ______________  ____
                                                                 Rom 4:3, Gen 15:6                             Rom 4:20-22, Gal 3:13-14

______  __________  _____________  __________________  __________________.
                John 3:14, Num 21:6-9                    Rom 5:6-8, II Cor 5:14       Rom 3:25, I Cor 15:3

Saving faith is not:





Faith: (J. I. Packer, Elwell's Evangelical Dictionary of Theology)

  • General
    • Self-renouncing, trustful reliance upon God
    • Knowing, believing, and obeying the truth
    • Hoping in the LORD, cleaving to him, waiting for him, making him our shield and tower, taking refuge in him
    • Unwavering trust in God to save his servants from their foes and fulfill his declared purpose of blessing them
  • Saving
    • Trust in God through Christ
    • An appropriating instrument, an empty hand outstretched to receive the free gift of righteousness in Christ
    • Unqualified acceptance of, and exclusive dependence on, the mediation of the Son as alone securing the mercy of the Father
    • Involves acknowledging God incarnate (John 20:28), whose atoning death is the sole means of salvation

07 July 2002
David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL