Why the Cross
Romans 3:26b

Sunday, 09 June 2002


"The corruption in our nature, will for ever stop any justification by our own works." - Matthew Henry, commentary on Romans 3:9-20

Our only hope is that God will declare us ________, even though we are ____________.

"Before the cross can be for our sake, it must be for God's sake." - John Piper, sermon The Demonstration Of God's Righteousness, Part 3

"[Passing over sin] makes God look as if He no longer aims to display His glory or preserve His honor... It makes God look as if He no longer values His glory, by acquitting people who have trampled it in the dirt." - Piper, sermon How Is It Right For God To Justify The Ungodly?

"...Everything Jesus suffered, He suffered for the sake of God's glory. Therefore, all His pain and shame and humiliation and dishonor served to magnify the Father's glory because it showed how infinitely worthy God's glory is that such a loss should be suffered for His sake." - Piper, ibid. John 12:27,28; 13:31; 17:4.

"The interests of men are, of course, promoted to the highest degree, but ... the setting forth was to the end of demonstrating God's righteousness." - John Murray, The New International Commentary on the Bible, Epistle to the Romans, p. 118cross - God's justice, our justification

"In the provisions of propitiation two things cohere and coalesce, the justice of God and the justification of the ungodly." - ibid.

Faith in Jesus: "The part assigned to faith in the work of our reconciliation to God is that of an instrument... It is not itself that ground, nor the means of attaining an inherent righteousness acceptable to God... We are said to be justified by faith, of which Christ is the object, by faith in his blood, by faith in him as sacrifice." - Charles Hodge, Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans, p. 94


David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL