Romans 2:17-24
No Exceptions

Handout for lesson

Paul is here expounding the ______, not the ____________.

The one thing in the whole world we most need is to ____________ _________ __________.

The Jews' covenant relationship corresponds to the Christian's ____________ ____________________.

Their instruction out of the Law corresponds to our ____________ ____________________.

Their circumcision corresponds to our ______________.

v. 17

The law is ________ but it cannot __________________.

Glorying in the Lord is commendable, but we must not think that our _______________________ with God removes our __________________________ for our __________.

vv. 18-20

Knowing Scripture is essential, but __________ __________________ will not clear us of the charges of ____________________.

17 March 2002
David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL