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Window Row

Window Row 1.

Window Row 2.

Two single-patch, 128 X 128 wall textures. The one with windows includes original material and some reused, modified material from DOOM ][ graphics. The other is identical except it has no windows, so that the two can be used together side by side; it's entirely original. Virtually no aliasing.

May be used freely in any wad, mega-wad, or TC as long as the following text is included in documentation provided with the wad:

Modified texture graphic by David J. Finnamore

Alternatively, it would be acceptible to include my name and email address in a list of graphics contibutors. And, of course, . :-)

Two story building, texture 1 only.

Two story building, middle side, both textures.

Inside corner, texture 1 only.

Down the front with texture 2 as posts between rows of 1.

Wall of texture 2 only.


David J. Finnamore
Orlando, FL, USA