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Elvenminstrel.com is a microcosm of ideas, mostly related to such esoteric subjects as:

  • Fantasy stories, whether written, filmed, or played out interactively on electronic devices
  • The origins and development of families and cultures, real and imagined
  • The integrity and viability of certain ancient philosophical and religious ideas
  • Unusual music, and offbeat musical tunings

Those categories sometimes overlap. Unexpected connections spring up. The word and gets used a lot.

Tolkien's Middle-earth: its music, philosophy, and cosmology.

Includes the development of music for Middle-earth, The Lord of the Rings as wisdom literature, Tolkien's Christian mind, and more.

The Sound of Phi

A wind blows through the Scale Tree! Hear an example (mp3, 4.9 MB) · More examples · Phi, also known as the Golden Mean, is a mathematical constant related to the pentagon, the pentagram, and the Platonic solids. See how it can be used to generate an infinite variety of useful, non-traditional scales and tunings. More on the science of musical scales and tunings.


Bible study notes and articles on Christian belief and practice, with links to online study resources.


Known portions of my family tree (Finnamore, Fleming, Walters, Lindvall, McCrae, Traul, White, Harp, Morrison, Dale, Miller, Knisely, Wolf, Brokaw, Scott, Stanton, Evah, ..., Brandybucks, Bracegirdles, and Proudfoots (Proudfeet!)) [psst...those last four are a literary reference]


D-loads of original custom levels, music, and graphics for the classic computer video game.

Good Coffee: how to make a great pot of coffee.

Getting the Most Out of Pro Tools

Articles for fellow Pro Tools software users.

My bio page: David who, now?

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